SYNC2 Splash Screen

SYNC2 Splash Screens

Langweiliges Ford-Logo als Splash-Screen im Sync 2? Das muss nicht sein!
Lade die Running Pony oder Raptor SVT Animationen, wenn Du es lieber cool hast… 🙂

Just a Ford logo splash screen on your SYNC 2 screen? Get an awesome S550.GURU animation or the running pony with these downloads.

Direct Download for S550.GURU-Splash Screen Package: Click here


  1. Uncompress downloaded archive and copy archive content to a (4+ GB) USB stick
  2. Get in your SYNC 2 equipped Ford Mustang or F-150 Raptor SVT
  3. With the engine running plug USB stick in vehicle’s USB port
  4. Wait for installation to finish
  5. Enjoy your new SYNC 2 animations! 🙂

Not working?

If the update is not working after full system/car shutdown, try a SYNC master reset (see manual).

If still not working, please contact me and provide your VIN so I can check your vehicle’s configuration.

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