Ever wondered what’s in the archives coming with your SYNC3 update? Here is a brief overview of the software part numbers you find in your SyncMyRide folder and probably mentioned in the root directory’s autoinstall.lst.

Software Part Numbers Syntax

Part numbers (hardware as well as software) consist of three elements separated by a dash. Example:


like JR3T-14G381-AM for latest officially released SYNC3 3.0 application revision (as of April 2019)

XXXX most of the time is related to hardware assembly features and/or platform and model year/ year of production
YYYYYY is the actual part number
ZZ or ZZZ most of the time is related to market and revision with the first Z being the targeted market (if any) or hardware assembly features and second Z being the revision. The “higher” the character, (starting from A) the newer the part. If a third Z character is present it is probably a subset package or the revision with the first two Z being related to hardware assembly features.

So far for the basics. Ready to see what you are looking for? 🙂

List of SYNC3 Packages Part Numbers

Part #Content
14G381SYNC3 Application
14G386Helper Scripts, Tools (various)
14G387Helper Scripts, Tools (various)
14G391System Voice
14G421Navigation Maps
14G422Navigation Voice
14G423Gracenotes Database
14G424Navigation Maps Part Number Reference (“License”)
14G658Radio Station Logos (not supported by all ACM/APIM setups)

Questions, comments, and hints are welcome. Just use the comment section below. 🙂

Example Helper Scripts and Tools

There are several scripts used by SYNC3 updates to ensure a correct installation process, like

  • checking hard disk size
  • perform garbage collection
  • check for model year
  • creating overlays
  • applying fixes

Some scripts often found in SYNC3 updates

Part #        Function
GB5T‑14G386‑AB“Interrogator” – Creates an XML-file in SyncMyRide folder with the current installation status of your SYNC3 setup. This XML file should be uploaded to Ford servers to get the latest updates when they become available for your car. Successor of GB5T-14G386-AA.
GB5T‑14G386‑SCRemoves any instance/installation of Gracenotes database (****-14G423-**). Successor of GB5T-14G386-SB which only removed HB5T‑14G423‑** Gracenotes DB.
HB5T‑14G386‑A**Installation of IVSU overlay for various hardware assemblies
HB5T‑14G386‑T**Various checks for hardware version, model year, and hard disk / partition sizes
HB5T‑14G387‑AABRemoves overlay1.img (previously installed for model year 2017 hardware to fix a bug)

I do not recommend to “manually” create a custom update/installation without those tools that should be run before and/or after installation of the actual package as this might lead to exceed your SYNC3 memory (meaning you’ll get a MEM_ERROR or BGMAP_ERROR with all future installations) and in worst case leads to irreversible navigation fault and loss of application functionality. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. 😉