F8 SYNC 3 Navigation Europe Maps Update

Update Ford SYNC 3 Navigation Maps to Europe F8 (2018)

Updating to F8 maps (Europe 2018) on Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC 3 became a lot easier than the former procedure to upgrade to F7, so this tutorial will get a lot shorter than the popular "old" one from last year. This will however only work with pre-MY18.5 vehicles. If you have a MY19 car with SYNC3 this update is not compatible with the new partitioning of the newest APIM hardware.Read more

SYNC3 EU F7 Navigation Maps Update

How to Update Ford SYNC 3 Navigation Maps to Europe F7 (2017)

SYNC 3 Navigation Maps F7 2017 Update

New Version for 2018 F8 EU maps here!

Tutorial and short links updated on 19-04-2018 to work with latest (and officially supported) SYNC3 Apps and latest maps which in detail means

  SYNC 3 Version 3.0.13 (Build 18025)
  Navigation Maps Version F7 (2017, Development Test Edition)

If you are not familiar with updating your vehicle, please don't attempt to do so. The source packages are original Ford installation archives and can be installed via a custom installation skript. This guide will not enable navigation on SYNC 3 devices that don't have it activated, there is simply not enough space available for installation.Read more

SYNC3 Navigation Maps Update

F7 Kartenmaterial 2017 Update für Ford SYNC 3 Navigation

SYNC 3 Navigationskarten F7 (2017) Update

Hinweis: Wenn du mit der Aktualisierung deines SYNC3 nicht vertraut bist, bitte dieses Update nicht durchführen.

Neue Version für 2018er Kartenmaterial (F8) hier (englisch).

Die Quelldaten sind original Ford Installationsarchive, die über ein eigens erstelltes Installationsskript auf dein APIM (SYNC3-Modul) gespielt werden können.

Wenn Du Dein SYNC3 noch nicht auf Version 3.x aktualisiert hast, empfiehlt es sich, das Update vorab durchzuführen. Den Download von der offiziellen Ford-Seite findest Du hier:Read more