How to create a SYNC 3 Update Log File

Sometimes after SYNC 3 apps and/or maps update/upgrade process there is no log file created (which is needed to report installation status back to F*rd, if you like to do that).

But no worries, there is an app for that! 😉 Just download the ZIP archive with the “Interrogator” from your country’s Troubleshooting section of the SYNC 3 update website.

If it is not (yet) available, simply use this short link to download from F*rd server: Download

The process is as usual: Extract content in the root directory of an exFat formatted thumb drive. It should show just the autoinstall.lst and the SyncMyRide with one archive in it.

Go to your car, start the engine and wait until SYNC 3 has fully booted. Insert your newly created usb thumb drive and wait about one minute to see that “Installation finished” message. Actually there was nothing installed but the required update log file should have been created on your drive and you can now use it for upload.

SYNC 3 Update log file created
Screenshot of an example XML log file created within the SyncMyRide folder.

Got an old version of SYNC, like Windows-based SYNC 2 / MyFord Touch (aka MFT)? No worries, we got you covered!

There is an alternative version of the log file maker “interrogator” package available which you can use to create that xml file for Windows-based SYNC/MFT, too. This one should work for all SYNC versions:

 Multi-Interrogator Download (Don’t be confused by the file name, it is not a maps update)

Upload of log file doesn’t work?

So you have your XML file created successfully, try to upload it to your F*rd server, but nothing happens or even an error pops up? Be patient! Unfortunately currently the servers have issues processing status files most of the time. Try again later. 😉