How to Update Ford SYNC 3 Navigation Maps to Europe F7 (2017)

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SYNC 3 Navigation Maps F7 2017 Update

New Version for 2018 F8 EU maps here!

Tutorial and short links updated on 19-04-2018 to work with latest (and officially supported) SYNC3 Apps and latest maps which in detail means

  SYNC 3 Version 3.0.13 (Build 18025)
  Navigation Maps Version F7 (2017, Development Test Edition)

If you are not familiar with updating your vehicle, please don’t attempt to do so. The source packages are original Ford installation archives and can be installed via a custom installation skript. This guide will not enable navigation on SYNC 3 devices that don’t have it activated, there is simply not enough space available for installation.

I’m explaining updating SYNC 3 V2.3 and V3.0 maps as these are the current versions. If your version is below 3.0 (like 2.0 or 2.2), please update in advance. This maps update consists of a Navigation Voice Guidance Package and the F7 maps themselves.

Downloads are quite big (around 22 GB) and you need at least one extFat-formatted USB stick with sufficient space (32+ GB recommended) – better use 2 usb drives for making installation process easier and more reliable. Installation takes almost 2 hours where you need to keep your engine running!

As the binaries are publically available I neither do charge for this service nor take credit for it. However, if you like this tutorial, I’d appreciate donations via paypal – see button at the bottom. 🙂

And here we go!

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If you have Nav-enabled EU SYNC 3 V2.3, download this, this, and this file (F6.1 Maps).

For Nav-enabled EU SYNC 3 V3.0, download [this], [this], and [this] file.

The part numbers explained

14G421 – 2017 Map Data F7 (about 14.8 GB)
14G422 – Navigation Voice Guidance (about 7.2 GB)
14G424 – Part Number Reference (ensures maps will only install on matching SYNC versions)

Creating Installation USB Drive(s)

As mentioned above for this installation we are using two (2) usb thumb drives. The installation could be done with one usb drive but with that approach a lot of users reported installation issues.

USB Drive 1 – 32 GB or more: Maps and Reference File (“License”)

Unlike with the installation procedure of F6.1 maps the latest F7 maps and the appropriate reference file need to be installed first. If you don’t stick to this order you will run into a BGMAP_ERR01 error caused by insufficient SYNC 3 memory which prevents you from installing the maps.

USB Drive 2 – 8 GB or more: Navigation Voice Guidance

The downloaded archives (do not extract the compressed tar files, just move or copy them!) go into directory SyncMyRide which needs to be created in the root directory of our (yet blank) USB thumb drives. Actually we could name this directory whatever we like but let’s stick to established habits.

Installation script

As we can’t install those archives as they are we need to write a little installation routine and save it to a file called “autoinstall.lst” in the root directory of our USB drive.

For Drive 1 the content of autoinstall.lst might look like this:


Item1 = PartNo Reference
Open1 = SyncMyRide\JR3T-14G424-BC_110777.tar.gz
Item2 = Maps
Open2 = SyncMyRide\JR3T-14G421-BC.tar.gz
Options = Delay, AutoInstall

For Drive 2 we create an autoinstall.lst like this:


Item1 = Navigation Voice Guidance
Open1 = SyncMyRide\JR3T-14G422-BC.tar.gz
Options = Delay, AutoInstall

You can create this content as a plain text file called autoinstall.txt and rename it to autoinstall.lst when finished.

The final structure of your USB drives should look like this:

USB Drive 1 Content
Structure of usb drive 1 for F7 (2017) navigation maps installation for SYNC 3
USB Drive 2 Content
Structure of usb drive 2 for F7 (2017) navigation maps installation for SYNC 3

Notice there is a file called DONTINDX.MSA in the thumb drive’s main directory. The presence of this empty file prevents SYNC 3 from indexing your thumb drive (thus scanning for mp3 files et cetera).  If you create it on your own double check the file name’s spelling. It’s DONTINDX.MSA, not DONTINDEX.MSA neither DontIndx.msa nor any other variation. If you feel unable to create this file or if you are just lazy, simply download it here:

Installation process

For process of installation no device should be connected to APIM (Sync 3 module), neither bluetooth nor USB.

Depending on the performance of your USB drives installation might take pretty long (up to more than an hour for each drive) and it even might take more than 20 minutes before you see that “Updating System Software…” message. Don’t pull the USB drive before the screen tells you to do so!

Each time the screen tells you installation is finished pull usb and cycle ignition like this:

  1. set ignition off
  2. open driver’s door so SYNC 3 shuts down. Double check that the screen is completely off (not even the little background light of a “black” but switched on screen is noticeable)
  3. wait a minute (at least try to wait. I know you are curious if it worked! 😉 )
  4. switch ignition on
  5. if applicable, wait for reset routines to finish
  6. verify your package is installed

Keep your engine running when installing to avoid battery drainage and auto shut off.

So first install USB drive with maps and part reference file and if that succeeds continue with the second USB drive containing the voice guidance package.

After installation the maps might need some minutes to reinitialize (like when updating SYNC 3).

Success? 🙂

Did it work for you? Thanks for considering a Donation. 🙂

Common Errors / Trouble Shooting

Unfortunately chances are high you are going to run into installation issues because you did something wrong or your setup is somehow incompatible. It’s unlikely you are going to brick your APIM module (SYNC 3) but the packages won’t install.

This list shows some common errors and (hopefully) how to fix them.

Error Code Possible Reason Possible Solution
***ANY*** unknown In general, first attempt to perform a SYNC 3 Master Reset (see manual / Settings -> General). After that switch ignition off, open the door and wait for SYNC3 to fully shut down (screen switches off). Close the door, set ignition on. Wait for the SYNC3 to boot and the navigation maps to initiate (which may take several minutes!)
BGMAP_ERR01 Insufficient Storage Space (on SYNC 3 module) EU maps can only be installed on SYNC 3 modules that have sufficient storage space (64 GB). For example you will not be able to install EU maps on a North American SYNC 3 without hardware modification/swap. If you have a NAV-enabled EU SYNC 3 and still experience this error you probably mixed up installation order. It should help to re-install the “old” package(s) and try installing again, sticking to the correct order.
SIGN_ERROR02 Possibly missing or wrong part reference file. Maps can only be installed on the proper SYNC3 device and need a part reference package to be installed successfully.
PKG_ERR03 Wrong spelling in Options command in autoinstall.lst Verify all listed options for correct syntax and case sensitivity. E.g. it is not Autoinstall but AutoInstall. If that does not help, try another USB thumb drive with double capacity.
LST_ERR05, LST_ERR06 Inconsistent file reference in at least one “OpenN = ” line of autoinstall.lst Either
rename the file name of the package inside of SyncMyRide to match exactly the path and file name reference that is mentioned in the OpenN= line (with N being placeholder for a number) in autoinstall.lst OR
fix the spelling of the installation package file name in the OpenN= line (with N being placeholder for a number) in autoinstall.lst to match exactly the actual installation package file name.

This table is far from being perfect and of course there is no guarantee information is correct. If you can and would like to contribute your feedback is always welcome! 🙂


Covered Countries

AFAIK maps for these countries are included:

  • Albania
  • Andorra
  • Austria
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Great Britain
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Macedonia
  • Monaco
  • Montenegro
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • San Marino
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Vatican City

How to get your SYNC 3 Apps Update

To download latest SYNC 3 Apps for your EU spec Ford vehicle you can use one of these sites:






Denmark (thanks to Mfas):

Finland (thanks to AK):

Czech (thanks to Rado):

Being on one of those websites simply enter the VIN of your vehicle and let the system check for updates.

If for some reason the latest release won’t get offered for your EU car, you can use this link to download a typical EU release on your own risk (as always)

Worldwide SYNC 3 3.0.3 (18025) Upgrade Downloads

If you don’t have access to a service website and/or no local Ford dealer nearby you can use one of the following links to update your SYNC 3 to Version 3.0.3.

These upgrade packages will only install on vehicles with an APIM module (SYNC 3 in this case) for the specified region/country!